Airports near Castle Kaha Lani Resort

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Castle Kaha Lani Resort offers close proximity to the following airports:

Lihue Airport

The Lihue Airport is one of the most important airports in the state of Hawaii. The airport is located on an island in Kaua'i and handles a lot of traffic for tourists who are visiting Kaua'i. The airport has a number of terminals which handle different types of flights. The airport also has a lot of facilities which make it easy for tourists to get around on the island.

4.1 miles away

Princeville Airport

Princeville Airport is an airport located on the southern coast of Kaua'i in Princeville, Kaua'i County, Hawai'i. It is operated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The airport has one runway designated 11/29 with a 3,000 x 150 ft (914 x 46 m) asphalt surface.

The airport was founded in 1938 and served as a stopover for air travelers connecting Honolulu and Kaua'i. In 1962, the facility became a commercial airport when Hawaiian Airlines began flying nonstop to Honolulu. In 1988, The Princeville Resort opened and its large commercial flights required an expansion of the airport. As a result, runway 11/29 was lengthened to 5,000 ft (1,524 m).

Today the airport is used primarily for vacationers visiting the Princeville Resort and for general aviation enthusiasts flying small aircraft.

13.9 miles away


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